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13 Common-Sense Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

13 Common-Sense Pet Safety Tips for the Holiday Season

From Decorations to Celebrations, Help Your Pet Enjoy Happy & Healthy Holidays

Here are 13 reminders of common safety hazards we encounter in the emergency room of Grady Veterinary Hospital. As much as we love our clients and patients, we would rather not see you this holiday season! Prevention is always a better option!

  1. Keep Christmas tree water clean and fresh to avoid upset tummies (and consider covering your water, to keep curious pets out).
  2. Avoid tinsel, especially with cats. Cats have a tendency to try to eat it, which is dangerous.
  3. Salt dough ornaments are toxic if eaten, but pets can’t tell! Keep them out of reach.
  4. Also keep glass ornaments out of reach to prevent a pet knocking them off the tree. If your cat can’t help but climb, consider placing your glass ornaments on a tabletop ornament stand.
  5. Batteries are highly toxic if swallowed. Keep them well away from pets (and children, too!)
  6. Some pets enjoy chewing on light strings– like puppies, kittens or even full-grown cats. Keep an eye on your pet to see if they are interested in this dangerous behavior. Then, unplug your tree when you’re not in the room.
  7. Extinguish all candles when you leave the room.
  8. When taking holiday pictures, prioritize your pet’s safety and comfort.
  9. Many traditional holiday plants are toxic, like holly, mistletoe, and lilies. Consider artificial versions instead.
  10. Potpourri smells so good, it’s like you can eat it! And your pet probably will. Make sure to keep it away from them, perhaps in a jar with a mesh lid.
  11. Consider avoiding confetti when celebrating the New Year. Many pets will try to eat it, and it’s so hard to clean up.
  12. Noisemakers often startle and disturb pets, so know your pet’s sound tolerance before ringing in the New Year.
  13. On the same topic, we can often expect fireworks’ displays New Year’s Eve, so help your dog cope their fear of fireworks.

Check out our video “Pet Safety Tips for the Holidays,” and follow us on Facebook for regular videos and posts. Happy Holidays from Grady Vet!