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National Cat Lovers’ Month in December

National Cat Lovers' Month in December

10 Reasons We Love Cats

We love cats! So this month is for us (and our cats)! Let’s get to it and tell the world why cats are a-meow-zing (Oh, that was a terrible pun).

  1. The top of the list just has to be that cats are so adorable, beautiful and cute. We could watch our cats all day long, just to admire them. Their eyes are captivating, and their expressions are delightful.
  2. Cats are independent and know what they like. Your cat is free, and you can’t control them. It’s liberating to watch. You never have to guess if your cat is happy. They will let you know!
  3. When you’ve earned a kitty cuddle, it feels so rewarding. Since we know our cats don’t think they need us, we know they truly care for us when they choose to spend time in our lap.
  4. Cats are quiet. After a hectic day out in the world, it’s relaxing to know you’re coming home to a soothing companion. Although, we do love when our cats talk to us, too. But they usually aren’t chatterboxes, and they aren’t nearly as loud as people!
  5. Cats delight us with their antics. You can’t always predict what a cat will do, or what they will be interested in. We just can’t wait to see what they’ll get up to next (even if that next thing might be a bit rascally).
  6. Cats are clean. From self-grooming to litterbox use, cats enjoy being clean. A cat might spend up to 50% of their day cleaning themselves!
  7. It’s a bonus to have such a low-maintenance pet. Independent, self-cleaning and nap-loving cats are pretty easy to care for.
  8. This may seem simple, but it’s important. Cats are so soft. We just yearn to pet them (if they let us!).
  9. Cats are elegant and agile. Part of the reason cats are so beautiful is their agility to move through the world with ease and grace.
  10. Cats are smart and clever. We’re so often amazed and amused by our cats’ boundless creativity.

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