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Holiday Food Safety Tips for Pets

Holiday Food Safety Tips for Pets

15 Foods to Keep Away from Your Pet

The holidays are in full swing! In all the bustle and the fun, let’s refresh some common foods that are toxic to pets. While doing food prep, cooking, or gathering for a festive meal, keep these 15 foods and ingredients away from animals.

1. Raw meat, poultry or fish
2. Cooked or raw bones
3. Onions
4. Garlic
5. Avocados
6. Mustard – the seeds, powder or condiment
7. Raw yeast dough
8.Raisins and grapes
9. Nuts
10. Green tomatoes
11. Raw potatoes
12. Alcohol
13. Chocolate
14. Candy and gum
15. Anything containing the artificial sweetener xylitol

Holiday Food Safety Tips for Pets

Be Aware of Ingredients in Cooked Dishes

Keep in mind that many of these ingredients are included in cooking. For instance, meats are often prepared with garlic and onions. If you’re feeling a bit discouraged about how to share your holiday feasts with your pets, check out our guide, “5 Holiday Foods that are Safe Pet Treats.” It’s easier than you may think to provide some cheer to your pet’s diet!

Remember that Guests Don’t Know Your Pet Like You Do

Please remind guests not to feed your pets (unless they ask first, of course). It can be hard to remember the many food items that fit into a human diet that aren’t compatible with cats and dogs. Consider setting out a clearly-marked treat jar if you think your guests won’t be able to resist those adorable puppy or kitty faces.

We at Grady Veterinary Hospital wish you a safe and happy holiday season with your pets!