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Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

We’re Proud to Feature these Amazing Team Members

At Grady Veterinary Hospital, we have a strong team of over 25 Veterinary Technicians and expert Lab Professionals. It takes a lot to ensure the 24-7 care and attention for the animals that depend upon our hospital, and each one of them is up to the task. Get to know some of them with our Meet the Staff profiles.

Kim Duffey

Kim Duffey is a Veterinary Technician in Grady Veterinary Hospital’s emergency room and mostly works second shift. She has been caring for animals with our team since 2006. Working in the ER is fast-paced and challenging. She says, “I’ve always wanted to work with animals, and being a veterinary technician lets me be hands-on with animals and interact with clients. I love my job most when a challenging case comes into the ER, and we are able to help—to tell the client their animal has a better prognosis now.”

Selina Greene

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Selina Greene is a Registered Veterinary Technician and has been a valued member of the Grady Veterinary Hospital team since 2016. Her role is vital for caring and treating patients, consoling and updating clients, assisting our Veterinarians and filling prescriptions. She’s passionate about her calling, saying, “Being a nurse to animals is the most fulfilling work I could imagine outside my home. I just genuinely love them all!” Selina also loves to educate and aid owners in caring for their pets post-hospitalization, for the pet’s overall wellness.

Tiffany Kidd

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Veterinary Technician Tiffany Kidd finds assisting with surgeries and helping animals recover with wound care to be an especially fulfilling part of her calling. She’s been with Grady Veterinary Hospital since 2006, and in that time Tiffany has observed, “Animals overcome so much with so little complaint, especially compared to human medicine. It amazes me.” Right now, she has the fewest pets she’s ever had at one time- two dogs and four cats.

Melanie Lawall

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Melanie Lawall joined our Veterinary Technician team in 2016 as an already experienced technician. During her overnight shifts, she addresses emergencies, treats patients staying in the hospital and monitors anesthesia during emergency surgeries. She says, “I was an animal-crazy kid growing up, and spent most of my free time around them. I love saving the lives of the animals who come to us.”

Robert McCabe

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Veterinary Technician Robert McCabe has been a familiar sight around Grady Veterinary Hospital since 1997. He enjoys the challenge of keeping up with advances in veterinary medicine, “We’ve seen a lot of improvements, especially when it comes to anesthetics and managing acute or chronic pain. These advances help animals so much. Once you ease their pain, you see how their personality changes when they are finally comfortable.” For Robert, it’s all about connecting with animals and people, “I’ve always had a bond with animals. And I love getting to know clients and patients on a first-name basis, making connections.”

Kristn McCann

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

After a previous career, Kristn McCann made the decision to become a Veterinary Technician and change her life. She adds, “It was the best decision I ever made. I have always wanted to work with animals.” She joined Grady Vet in 2014, and performs important work like IV catheters, X-Rays, blood draws, assisting in surgeries and more. Her favorite part of the job is seeing animals recover after a long illness.

Kaitlyn Mills

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Kaitlyn Mills joined the Grady Vet team in 2015, and she is a Veterinary Technician who works third shift.  She cares for emergency patients, along with administering treatments for our ICU patients. Her goal is to make animals feel like Grady Vet is their home away from home and help keep their humans up to date on what’s happening. She says of her love for animals, “Animals love us unconditionally, so I want to do that for them as well. They deserve it!” 

Erin Rausch

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

An experienced Veterinary Technician, Erin Rausch joined the Grady Vet team in 2007. She says her favorite part  of her career is: “Seeing the pet reunite with their family and seeing how happy they are. I feel great because we were able to treat and make that pet better.” On a daily basis, Eric cares for and treats hospitalized pets, places pets under anesthesia for surgery, and tries to help anyone who needs assistance. At Grady Vet, we all work together for the best of our patients and clients.

Meaghan T

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Meaghan T started as a Veterinary Technician with Grady Vet in 2020. She takes care of hospitalized patients and assists the doctors with any other treatments that are needed.  She has loved animals her whole life, and she jumped at the chance to start a career helping them. Meaghan says she enjoys, “Helping clients understand that we are here to help them and their pets.”

Katie Warndorf

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

As a Veterinary Technician working the night shift, Katie Warndorf treats every patient like her own pet. She joined the Grady Vet team in October 2020 and is an invaluable part of triaging and treating patients. Katie feels deeply for animals and clients and says, “Saving animals is a passion of mine. We sometimes see pets at their worst, but our clients trust us to get them back to their best.”

Patrick Weaver

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Patrick Weaver is a true veteran of Grady Veterinary Hospital, being a valued part of our team since 1989. As a Veterinary Technician, he’s impressed at how veterinary technology has improved over the years, “When I started, we didn’t even have computers. Now we have a CT scanner. Medical technology has grown so much, and it helps us heal and help more animals.” Patrick also performs inventory for the hospital, which is an important, behind-the-scenes challenge!

Caleb Yoder

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Caleb Yoder has been part of the Grady Vet team since 1998, working in different roles. He’s a Lab Technician who runs blood work like heartworm, blood count and chemistries. The lab is process-oriented and requires an attention to detail that Caleb specializes in. He explains his love of our patients, “Animals have an innocence, ability to trust and to like everyone, regardless of who they meet.” He’s pictured here with his lab assistants and future blood donor cats, Liam and Noll.

Cole Zint

Meet Our Veterinary Technicians 2022

Cole Zint started with Grady Vet in 2019 and earned a promotion to Veterinary Technician. His important role at the hospital centers around patient care, triage and treatment. He says, “It’s a pleasure seeing clients satisfied with the care we give to their pets.” Cole grew up with animals and enjoys spending time with his dogs Bella and Mizuno and cat Mini.