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It’s Happy Cat Month!

Happy Cat Month

10 Ways to Help Your Cat Lead a Happier, Healthier Life

We love a happy cat! You can tell your cat is happy in several different ways. One is if they often vocalize, having conversations with you. Being relaxed or ears-forward also shows happiness. A cat that sleeps on you is very content. And when they’re awake, happy cats are often playful. A healthy cat has a good appetite and keeps themselves well-groomed.

Here are 10 ways you can care for your cat to promote health and happiness:

  1. Love and attention: Take time to sit and hang out with your cat to tell them you love them. We know cats aren’t overly demonstrative, but they love to be allowed to climb over you, sleep in your lap and rub against your legs.
  2. Playtime: Prevent boredom and spend quality time with your cat by setting aside some time each day to play. You’ll both have fun playing with cat toys like teasers or bells.
  3. Natural instincts: Cats have instincts to stalk, hunt and scratch. Give them a great scratching station, places to hide (and maybe even a motorized toy).
  4. Safe perch: Cats feel safer above the ground, so give them a cat tree, hammock or other elevated safe spot. Bonus points if they can also look out the window from their spot.
  5. A place of their own: If you have other pets in the house (like a dog), give your cat a place they can go to find some peace and quiet.
  6. Litter box etiquette: You need at least one litter box for each cat in your house, plus an extra one. And, cats will be happiest with a litter box on each floor of your home.
  7. Healthy diet: A healthy diet promotes a healthy weight. An obese cat will be unhappier, because they won’t be able to enjoy life like they should. Cats are obligate omnivores who need a diet high in protein, moderate in fat and a minimum of carbohydrates.
  8. Treat cat-self: Give your cat treats! Catnip is a perennial favorite for a reason, and it won’t promote obesity. Other treats are great in moderation and give your cat something to get excited about.
  9. Exercise: Younger cats benefit from up to 30 minutes of exercise a day, spread out into two or three sessions. Playtime, puzzles, watching bird feeders and even leash training all count towards exercise time.
  10. Preventative health care: Wellness visits at the veterinarian are the best way to ensure your cat stays healthy. Along with immunizations, catching symptoms early can improve outcomes.

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