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Meet Our Veterinary Receptionists

As we celebrate Veterinary Receptionist Week, get to know some of the dedicated, caring and knowledgeable professionals who keep our veterinary hospital running.

Meet Our Veterinary Receptionists

You’ve seen Receptionist Amanda Jones’ posts on Facebook! She’s one of Grady Veterinary Hospital’s Facebook ambassadors. She’s been part of our team since 2005, and she learned about Grady Vet when, as a K9 Officer, her husband brought his canine partner here for care. Along with her other responsibilities, she also helps train new receptionists at the practice. Amanda says her favorite part of her job is, “Watching the relationship between people and their pets. It’s nice to be around people who have an obvious love for their animals.”

Meet Our Veterinary Receptionists

Nancy Fountain came to Grady Veterinary Hospital from a career in the performing arts, and she’s been a Receptionist since 2012. She says, “The culture is welcoming, and I enjoy the people I work with. Some have been here 25 years or more! We strive to provide excellent care, and we all feel we are a special part of what goes on at the hospital.” With a degree in clothing, textiles and costume design, Nancy also does sewing for the hospital, including Buffy’s cage cover, IV bag covers, mending surgical garments and hemming scrub pants.

As a Receptionist at Grady Veterinary Hospital, Shelley Hauser enjoys busy and fulfilling days! Since she left a career in banking in 2014, she has been helping pets and their people. Shelley also loves being part of our Facebook team, “Sharing cute pet moments on our Facebook page is really fun. Clients love to see their pets on Facebook, especially when they are little. I know I love it when someone comments on my pets’ pictures!” Her dog’s name is Ashes.

Pam Montgomery has been a Veterinary Receptionist for over 15 years, and she started with the Grady Veterinary Hospital team in 2016. She loves helping both animals and their people. Pam adds, “I share in the joys and sorrows or our clients and try to be a comfort to them. We understand they are here with a sick or injured animal and both person and pet needs compassion from us.”

Meet Our Veterinary Receptionists

Since starting at Grady Veterinary Hospital in 2015, receptionist Jody Hughes says, “There’s never a dull moment!” Jody was interested in changing her career when she noticed the hospital advertising an open receptionist position. She brought in her resume during her new puppy’s well visit, and we’ve been happy to have her on the team ever since.

You may have met Lindsey Kahn, who started as a Receptionist with Grady Veterinary Hospital in 2016. She enjoys getting to know our regular clients while answering the phone, making appointments and checking patients in. She’s worked with animals at an animal shelter and zoo before joining our team. She says, “I love working alongside everyone here, because, like me, they are so passionate about pets. It’s wonderful to be surrounded by compassionate people.” 

Katy Sanderson joined Grady Vet in 2018. She’s an experienced veterinary receptionist who now works emergency shift. A critical part of her job is communicating with doctors and veterinary technicians when emergencies come into the hospital and need immediate attention. Now, she’s also attending school to become a veterinary technician, saying, “Working here makes me realize I want to be part of critical care. When an animal comes in seemingly near-death, then ends up going home a few days later, it’s amazing.”

Jackie McQueen chose a career as a Veterinary Receptionist because working with animals makes her happy. She joined the Grady Vet team in 2019 and greets our clients and patients with a smile on her face. Jackie says her favorite part of the job is, “Keeping pets healthy,” and she has five pets of her own.