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Meet Buffy, Our Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Buffy presides over the Grady Veterinary Hospital waiting room, and many clients ask questions about him. Veterinary Receptionist Shelley is here with our parrot to tell you a little about him. And Buffy chimes in with a serenade!

Watch the video: Meet Buffy, Our Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

What is a Blue-Fronted Parrot?

These parrots are native to South America and are the most common type of companion bird. Buffy is in his 30s, and can expect to live to 70-80 years.

What Does Buffy Eat?

Along with bird food, he enjoys fresh fruits and vegetables as snacks. His favorites are cherries, grapes and bananas.

Meet Buffy, Our Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

When Does He Get Out of His Cage?

Buffy gets regular exercise and enrichment time outside of his cage. We bring him into an exam room with his big tree and a radio. He enjoys “singing” along, although he won’t be winning a Grammy.

Who is Buffy’s Veterinarian?

He goes to a special avian veterinarian, as we don’t treat birds at Grady Veterinary Hospital. He gets his nails and beak trimmed at his regular check-up every two months or so.

Meet Buffy, Our Blue-Fronted Amazon Parrot

Is Buffy Friendly?

While he doesn’t like bring touched or people getting too close to him, he enjoys when people talk to him. He especially loves when kids talk to him. Sometimes, he’ll sing along with them! Perhaps it’s because kids have higher-pitched voices than adults.