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Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

As the New Year approaches, it’s a good time to plan for next year. Veterinary Receptionist Shelley often takes calls about pet health insurance. She answers some of the common questions we receive at Grady Veterinary Hospital.

How Pet Health Insurance Works

All plans offer coverage in mostly the same way. You pay your veterinarian’s bill, and the insurance company sends you reimbursement directly. Your veterinarian will help fill out the claim form, including required signatures. Then, the veterinary hospital faxes the form and invoice to the insurance company for you.

Is Pet Insurance Worth It?

Benefits of Pet Health Insurance

Pet insurance benefits are a lot like health insurance for people. There are different level plans to choose from. Basic plans cover wellness visits, vaccines and basic ailments like ear infections or rashes. More premium plans cover surgeries, spays and neuters, X-rays and bloodwork.

All plans we have seen allow patients to visit any veterinarian of their choice. And plans usually cover needed 24-hour emergency care. So, if your pet has an emergency out of regular hours or during a holiday, the plans typically cover that.

Plans often cover prescription medications, as well. As pets age, they often need daily medications. These can get expensive.

Pet Health Insurance Providers

Our clients seem to prefer these popular pet insurance providers:

Of course, you’ll want to do your own research to determine which provider and plan is best for your pet.

Pet Health Insurance Video

So, is pet insurance worth it? We think so. Our clients all seem to be satisfied with their plans.