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7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Our receptionists answer many interesting questions from clients, and often they are asked, “Why does my dog DO THAT?” Receptionist Pam clears the mystery from some common dog behaviors.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Why Does My Dog Give Me Puppy Dog Eyes?

When your pup looks at you with those big, beautiful eyes, it’s their sign that they love you, and it’s a way to show affection. It’s a submissive behavior. Some think it shows shame or begging, and it might make humans feel that way. But try to bask in the glow of unconditional love.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Why Does My Dog Follow Me Everywhere?

OK we’re going to say it! Not just everywhere, but dogs seem to love following their people to the bathroom! If they can’t get in, they’ll sit outside the door. A dog’s natural instinct is to be with you, and that’s their rightful place. “Man’s best friend” is true, and your dog is always happiest right by your side.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Why Does My Dog Lick My Face?

Licking your face is another submissive action. They are showing they recognize you as the boss. Licking also relieves stress for your dog. If your dog has been lonely, they can spend time with you and just be with you.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

How Does My Dog Know How I’m Feeling?

Dogs are in-tune with their humans and read body language better than you or I could. They use their own body language to communicate with us.

A dog with its paw raised

Why Does My Dog Wave at Me?

Have you noticed that sometimes your dog will raise their paw and wave it at you? It’s a sign they want to play. If you’re distracted, your dog is trying to catch your attention.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Why is My Dog Scooting Across the Carpet?

While most of these behaviors are social, scooting indicates that something is wrong with your dog’s health. Your dog is communicating that they aren’t feeling well. It could be an infection, irritation or blocked anal glands. If it continues, you want to make an appointment with your veterinarian.

7 Dog Behaviors De-Mystified

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

This common behavior doesn’t necessarily mean a trip to the veterinarian. Some experts believe dogs eat grass to ease a stomachache or to get nutrients they need and isn’t in their regular diet. Some dogs simply seem to enjoy the taste. If your dog is a grass eater, be careful about how you treat your lawn and avoid chemicals. And do call your veterinarian with any concerns.

Why Do Dogs DO THAT? Video

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