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5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Kabuki, Spunkie, Cali, Axel and Zoey: Which One Speaks to Your Heart?

October is ASPCA’s Adopt a Shelter Dog month, and we like to feature some of the worthy, wonderful canines of Save the Animals Foundation here in Cincinnati. STAF is a no-kill shelter that nurtures, trains and rehabilitates cats and dogs. Please visit their Dog Adoption page to learn more about current guidelines.

5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Kabuki: Joyful and Loyal

“Kabuki is joyful and spunky and will be a loyal and loving family member; always there by your side, through good times and bad. This girl loves to smile! Lovable Kabuki’s story is sad and all too familiar … she used to have a home and a human she loved. Although Kabuki had been a member of the man’s family for over 3 years, he met a new girl and when her dogs were not getting along with Kabuki. He was handed an ultimatum and he chose the girlfriend and her dogs over Kabuki.”

She was also featured on a FOX19 segment, check out the video.

More about Kabuki…

5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Spunkie: Doesn’t Let His Disability Get Him Down

“Best smile in the shelter! Sweet Spunkie was purchased as a puppy, right at the start of the pandemic. A year and a half later, he was surrendered to our shelter when his family lost their home. This precious 34# pup is a victim of bad breeding. He is blind from birth–tho he prances so confidently around the shelter, you would never know it!”

More about Spunkie…

5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Cali: Beautiful and Shy

“At 71 pounds, Cali is gentle and sweet but quite timid … she needs to build confidence. She craves attention and our volunteers are of course happy to oblige. She has the prettiest black eyeliner markings around her eyes! We hope to find Cali a home with a fenced yard and a patient family with prior training experience. We think she’d do well in a active home, maybe as a jogging partner.”

More about Cali…

5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Axel: Quiet but Social

“This poor guy–along with all the family’s other pets–were surrendered when both owners ended up in ICU with Covid. We think Axel will do great in a quiet home with another dog. He needs a securely fenced yard and a family equipped to train/nurture a dog that has not been properly socialized. Training will go a long way in building his confidence. Axel appears to be house-trained and rarely barks.”

More about Axel…

5 Great Shelter Dogs Who Want to Come Home

Zoey: Growing in Confidence

“In her time with us, Zoey has blossomed into a confident, happy girl who is responsive to training and a joy to be around. One of her favorite volunteers has this to say: “Zoey is such an awesome dog. When she first came to STAF she was scared of new people (especially men), but was very easily won over and her wariness has continued to wane.”

More about Zoey…

If adoption isn’t in your near future, consider donating to Save the Animals Foundation to help these dogs in need.