Veterinary Staff

Dr. Jeff Grady, DVM

Jeff Grady

I grew up working with my father, Dr. Karl Grady, at Grady Veterinary Hospital. I always thought it was great to be able to help animals in this way. Even today, clients will tell me, “I remember when you were 5 years old and your father gave you a nickel for cleaning under the exam tables!” So I guess you could say I grew up around the business. I never really considered another career. Even in high school, I concentrated on math and science because I knew that would help me get into veterinary school.

I graduated from Mississippi State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1990 and began working at Grady Veterinary Hospital the next week. I took over the practice in 2001 from my father. He taught all of us here the importance of treating clients as we would want to be treated. In addition, he was always at the forefront of advances in veterinary medicine. We continue to embrace these values today at Grady Veterinary Hospital.

I'm lucky to have a wonderful and supportive wife, Karen, who is also a veterinarian and is understanding of the demands on my time. We are blessed with three great children, Olivia, Bennett, and Avery; along with three dogs, Dottie and Dewey (Boston Terriers), and Hannah a Golden Retriever; and three cats, Jewel, Cleo, and Kelly.

I'm very fortunate to love my work. While I enjoy all aspects of veterinary medicine, I have a special interest in surgery. I'm very proud to oversee the team of 50 professionals that provide exceptional service to you and your companions.

Dr. Ashley Barnett, DVM

Ashley Barnett, DVM

I have wanted to be a veterinarian since my mother defined the word as "dog doctor" when I was 6 years old. Since high school, I have volunteered and worked as a technician in several veterinary clinics near Florence KY, where I grew up. I was a dog groomer while attending Thomas More College, where I received my bachelor's degree in biology and associate's degree in chemistry. I also worked for a summer at the Cincinnati Zoo. I attended veterinary school at Auburn University, and joined the Grady Veterinary Hospital family in 2016. I have special interests in emergency medicine and soft tissue surgery.

 I currently live in Florence with my boyfriend Kevin and two feline fur babies, Koda and Beau. We enjoy camping, hiking, kayaking, reading, and traveling in our spare time.

Dr. Chris Black, DVM

Dr. Chris Black, DVM

From a young age, I cultivated a passion for helping animals.  I was raised in Hershey, PA and began my career in the veterinary profession as a veterinary assistant at a local small animal hospital.   After high school, I attended Lebanon Valley College where I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology.

I am a graduate of The Ohio State College of Veterinary Medicine.  My special interests in veterinary medicine include dermatology, neurology, and internal medicine.

I have one pet at home, a very spoiled and lazy kitty named Daisy.  When I’m not working, I enjoy exercising and running along the Ohio River.  I also like exploring all of the restaurants Cincinnati has to offer.  I follow the Washington Capitals and all Ohio State University sports teams.

Dr. Jessica Brownfield, DVM

Jessica Brownfield

Like most veterinarians, I felt called to this profession even as a young child. When I was 15 years old I started working with animals in my first job as a kennel assistant. I continued my work as a veterinary assistant and technician with our companion animals throughout high school and college. I also tried my hand at bovine and equine work during my time at the University of Kentucky where I studied Animal Science.

I am a graduate of Auburn University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. After four years away from the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati area, I decided to return home to be close to my family. I joined Grady Veterinary Hospital in May of 2012 as a emergency veterinarian. My professional interests include emergency and critical care medicine, internal medicine, soft-tissue surgery and ultrasound.

My fiancé and I have several four-legged children including two dogs, Amelie and Leonard, and two cats, Boomer and Little Foot. We enjoy camping, traveling, reading and watching movies. We are also enthusiastic sports fans, following UK basketball, Auburn football and, of course, the Cincinnati Reds and Bengals.

Dr. Britt DeNuzio, DVM

Dr. Britt DeNuzio, DVM

From a very young age, I knew that becoming a veterinarian was my life’s calling. Growing up, I surrounded myself by animals at every opportunity, from horseback riding and raising pets of all sorts to working on a whale watch boat in high school. I attended Michigan State University where I studied Animal Science and Zoology. After college, filled with a strong desire to help others and live abroad, I joined the Peace Corps and spent a year and a half in rural Uganda. I am a graduate of The Ohio State University’s College of Veterinary Medicine. My interests include emergency medicine, surgery, neurology, and internal medicine.

My husband and I live in northern Kentucky with our two dogs, Kibo (who I adopted while in Uganda) and Sonny. I enjoy traveling, photography, reading, trying new restaurants, and DIY home projects.

Dr. Lauren Jurgens, DVM

Dr. Lauren Jurgens, DVM

Both of my parents are in the dental profession, so I knew from a young age that I wanted to do something in the medical field. I decided I wanted to become a veterinarian when I was 9, fueled by my ever-growing love for animals. I started working as a kennel assistant when I was 15, and through the years held several different jobs involving animals; one summer I even worked as a zookeeper because I thought I might want to go into zoo medicine.

I graduated from Wheaton College, near Chicago, where I was on the varsity swim team, and moved to Ohio for the first time to attend The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine. My special interests include emergency medicine, surgery, dentistry, and behavior.

Some of my hobbies include swimming, running, rock climbing, hiking, reading, and going to concerts. I also love trying out new restaurants and occasionally try my hand at baking. I have a black lab mix named Jasmine, who I adopted after fostering her through a shelter program, and a cat, Khali, also a rescue. I’m new to the area and am excited to explore Cincinnati and find out all the great things it has to offer.

Dr. Mike Manheim, DVM

Dr. Mike Manheim, DVM

I have been a veterinarian for 33 years.

I graduated from the University of Cincinnati with an AA degree in 1978, a BS degree in 1979 and from The Ohio State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1984.

Following graduation from veterinary school I assumed a director role in the outpatient services area at the Tennessee Avenue Animal Hospital in the Bond Hill area of Cincinnati.

After a 16 year clinical practice career at Tennessee Avenue Animal Hospital, I accepted a job with Pfizer Animal Health/Zoetis in August of 2000 working as a technical support veterinarian. In this role I had the opportunity to travel the country delivering lectures, conducting training programs and providing educational programs to small animals veterinarians.

I retired from Zoetis in July of 2016 following a 16 year career and assumed a role at the Grady Veterinary Hospital in the summer of 2017.  My areas of special interest are infectious disease prevention and treatment and internal medicine.

I am an avid gardener and enjoy all types of water sports (kayaking, boating, fishing). I also enjoy getting away with my wife of 20 years, Judy, to camp, hike, and backpack, particularly in the Great Smoky Mountains.

Dr. Debra Quiles, DVM

Debra Quiles

I graduated from Mississippi State University in 1988, and started practicing veterinary medicine at Grady Veterinary Hospital in June 1988.

For six years, I worked the night/emergency shift (7:00 pm - 7:00 am) at the hospital and thoroughly enjoyed it. My special interests are internal medicine, feline medicine, soft tissue surgery, and ultrasound.

Dr. Carolyn Russell, DVM

Carolyn Russell

I have wanted to be a veterinarian since childhood. I attended undergraduate school at the University of Kentucky and graduated from Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine.

My hobbies are skiing, golf, and scuba diving, and pets include two dogs and one cat.

Dr. Jimmy Swinney, DVM

Jimmy Swinney

From a very young age, I knew I wanted to be a veterinarian. I think my motivation for following this dream stems from the human-animal bond I saw firsthand with my pets growing up. My parents were instrumental in demonstrating to me the compassion and care necessary to work with animals.

I feel very fortunate to have the privilege of working with animals. My professional mission is to strengthen the human-animal bond by providing health and wellness care for animals and educating their owners.

I am a graduate of Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine. I am a native of Louisville, Kentucky, and attended the University of Kentucky, graduating with a degree in biology. My interests include orthopedics, ophthalmology, emergency medicine, and ultrasound.

I am the proud owner of Shelby, a Border collie mix I adopted from the SPCA. In my free time, I enjoy golf, hiking, backpacking, camping, traveling, and following UK basketball and football and the Cincinnati Reds.