Pet Health Resources

Pet Health Libraries

National Organizations/Pet Medical Sites

American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

AAHA's pet owner site
A general info site from AAHA.

AVMA Public Resources
Good general info for all pet owners.

ASPCA Poison Control Info
24 hour hotline available for veterinary poison and medication/drug questions.

Veterinary Cancer Society

VeterinaryPartner/The Veterinary Information Network
An excellent resource to get information with an extensive library on various diseases/therapies.

Human/Animal Bond Sites

Delta Society Service and Therapy Animals
Promotes animals helping people to improve health, independence, and quality of life.

The Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement
A non-profit organization dedicated to helping people suffering from the loss of a pet.

Tufts University Pet Loss Support Hotline
Another site dedicated to helping people grieving the loss of their pet.

Humane Societies/Adoption Sites

The Humane Society of the United States
The world's largest animal protection organization working for the welfare of domestic and wild animals.

Petfinder Pet Adoption
A huge database of pets available for adoption.

Save The Animals Foundation
A sanctuary for homeless, abused, abandoned and unwanted animals in the Greater Cincinnati area.

SPCA Cincinnati
The oldest animal protection agency in Cincinnati.

Pet insurance

Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI)


ASPCA Pet Health Insurance


American Kennel Club
Breed registry for purebred dogs in the United States. Working to advance the study, breeding, running, and maintenance of purebred dogs.

The American Dog Trainers Network
A resource for dog training.

Dog Training Basics
Online basic training techniques.


Cat Fanciers' Association
The worlds largest registry of pedigreed cats with information on cat shows, cat care and more.

Cornell Feline Health Center
An excellent site for feline medical information.

Exotic Pet Information

AAHA Exotic Articles
An excellent library of articles on exotic pets.

House Rabbit Society
Great resource for rabbit owners.

Herp and Green Iguana Information

The Parrot Pages

The American Ferret Association